Buffer notifications in a log on the SD card in the event of network issues


When the Internet connection fails, so do push notifications and Events (videos). The problem is, they are sent off into that bit bucket in the sky never to be seen or heard from again. Apparently, the camera doesn’t handshake with the Event server (AWS) to confirm delivery or check if the Internet is even available. This means there are several weak links in the chain. If the AWS server is unavailable, Internet could be down, someone cooking popcorn in an inverter microwave, etc., you’re not going to get your Event video or push notification.


Save records of Events on the SD card in a log until a handshake from the Event server (AWS) confirms delivery. Push notifications may need a different check. No need to store the video twice as the record would contain the start time of the video and it could be pulled from the SD files and sent at any time. The record on the SD card should be very small.