Question on Wyze Bulb and creating schedule for brightness?

I have some bulbs on order and am excited to start using them however, one goal I would like to accomplish is using the WYZE bulbs in conjunction with the WYZE motion sensor to automate the tuning on/off of bathroom light for my children’s bathroom. The catch here is that they often have to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and I dont want to blast them with lots of light in the middle of the night, is it possible to set a schedule of some sort that says between the hours of 10PM-6AM have the lights turn on at 5% brightness and the rest of the time 100% brightness?

TLDR - Have WYZE bulbs connected to WYZE motion sensor with scheduled brightness at certain times possible yes/no.

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So far the only logic we set a rule to is “if this, then that”, but there was talk of " if this and this, then that" within the Wyze app. There may be other places like IFTTT that those requests may work, but I haven’t dug into that in a while. I like staying within the Wyze app for commands.

Welcome to the community, @spotter. I believe this #wishlist topic may interest you. If you go over there, you can vote and discuss what you’re asking there. :slight_smile:


For right now, the Wyze app is limited to turning a light on when motion is detected, becomes clear, has detected motion for (an x amount of time); Or has been clear (for an x amount of time.)

Unfortunately, no sunrise, sunset or time ranges parameters available… (not just yet anyway…)

And you can set a Wyze bulb to turn on at a certain percentage brightness when a wyze motion detector has detected motion.

I do have a temp solution until the new automation rules are refined, however it is not foolproof… You will need to use an older version of the app to create the shortcuts, as the new automation rules won’t function this way, unfortunately.

Create 2 time based scheduled shortcuts to adjust strictly the brightness / color temp (one for day, one for night).

Create a trigger based shortcut to control the on / off function.