QR Code not scanning on Wizen Cam v3?

My shoulders can’t keep trying to scan the QR Code up at the top of my garage, no matter which angle I try moving my phone back and forth many times it is not scanning, anything I can try please?

I have cleaned my phone screen and wiped the front of the cam.

Make sure you don’t have a glare on the screen, make sure your not using a forced dark mode, try different brightnesses, try rotating your phone, diffrent distances, and if it still fails print the QR code out and scan that. Keep in mind the code expires, so you gotta be a little quick.

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So when the code appears I cannot then go inside the house to print then come back out? I have a bud coming to help me I a few hours as I have severe arthritis so I will want to make it as easy for him as possible.

Or, would it be a different code or same code every time we attempt setup of this cam?

You might also want to check your iOS settings for your text size. It seems that using this to make things bigger on the screen also makes the QR unreadable.


It’s a diffrent code, and it expires after a few mins. I don’t remember how long. Going in to print should be fine, I just mentioned that so you don’t go print it and try to scan an hour later.

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Man, I would have thought making the text smaller would make it more difficult for the cam but I have adjusted to the smallest size to start with. Will let you guys know.

Can you take the camera down and do the setup where it’s comfortable, and then put the camera back up where it was?



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I was asking the original poster, fonzende1, this question. That’s the way I always re-setup my cameras.

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Yes, that is what I will need to do as nothing mentioned otherwise yesterday had worked, will report back.

Actually guys, it was the glare issue as I now tried again before the sun hits the front of the garage and it worked easily and first time!