Push Notifications with data off

I have a Doorbell Pro and a Cam V3 and Cam Plus subscription for both and am using an Android 10 phone. If the doorbell or cam detects motion it does send a push notification, but the notification doesn’t show up unless I have Wifi or data on. Can anyone suggest how I can get the notifications with constantly having data on?

I was going to post a link to a discussion from a couple of years ago on this topic, but noticed you were part of that thread. I assumed those suggestions did not work for you.

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How do you think that the notification would get to you if you have no data?

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Looks like you can receive Wyze notifications via SMS text messages.

You still need a connection for SMS to function.

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The OP I believe wants notifications with WiFi and cell data off. SMS texts should still work if the phone is powered on and not in airplane mode.

My searches on the Internet seem to say that push notifications don’t require that data or Wi-Fi be on, but that doesn’t seem to be true on my phone. However, in the past for a while I did get a sound trigger through IFTTT sending a text with Wi-Fi and data off. I admit to being a bit confused, but all I want is a way to get my phone to warn me when motion is detected without having to run Wi-Fi and data all the time.

Using this IFTTT function appears to require upgrading to IFTTT Pro which runs $30/year. I’d like to avoid that if possible.

Yes. This would be exactly what I am looking for.

This would be a SMS text then and should work with out data or wifi data.