Profiles as a group of shortcuts

I’m the proud owner of a set of wyze cams, sensors and bulbs. I want to use these as both automation and security products (I’m aware of the security disclaimer).

It would be ideal if we could have profiles for changing the settings of all these products at once with a click of a button (not only the cameras). Example of 2 profiles:

  1. Away profile (security functions important): a) bulbs vacation mode on, b) sensor triggers notifications + all lights to switch on + all cameras to start recording, c) smart plugs off or on, etc.
  2. Home profile (focus on automation, not security): sensors trigger lights to switch on but don’t trigger the cameras to switch on and start recording or send notifications, etc.

All you need to do is to add profiles buttons in the home screen to switch easily from one to another as well as the option of allocating a shortcut to one or more profiles :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading and well done for all the cool stuff!

You can do most all of what you’re describing by the use of the app’s Shortcuts feature:

If there are any actions missing, please vote at the link below and add any specifics as a comment on that topic: