Pricing for CMC

I use Blink outdoor cams and Wyze indoors. With my Blink cams I can record motion for up tp 60 seconds and after a 10 second retrigger time it will record another 60 seconds. There is no charge for this unlike Wyze cams where I would have to pay for more record time at $1.49 per cam. Does anyone else have a problem with their pricing for this add on service?

But it’s apples and oranges. You can’t even see a live view for longer than 60 seconds and you’re limited to 2 hours of cloud recording (which isn’t that bad really). Wyze will theoretically store up to around 672 hours of 12 second clips for free (roughly 10 alerts per hour for 14 days).

Thanks for your input and it is apples and oranges. However, after 60 seconds of live view, you are asked if you’d like to continue. I like both brands, just thought that Wyze was being a little too proud of it’s optional services.

Yeah, the 5 minute so called “cooldown” period really kills things.