Power Cycle turns Cam on even when turned off

Anyone else notice this bug?

I experienced a brief power outage this evening and noticed my Cam Pan running the latest beta FW: turned on even though it was previously off in the app.


  1. Turn off cam using wyze app (or routine)
  2. Unplug cam and plug back in after 10 seconds

Expected Behavior:

Camera should return to previous state before power cycle: ( off if it was off before the power failure)

Actual Behavior:

Cam appears off in wyze app and no status light however, video is still recorded to the SD card. You can also hear the camera click when you turn off the lights.

I sent logs however, this is a serious privacy issue and I feel like it’s important to let the community know immediately.


Thank you for the Steps to Repeat in detail!
I have submitted a bug for our developer to fix it.

Edited: @rodaimi what is the log number you submitted? BTW, I wonder if you have a QA/Test Engineer background :slight_smile: :grin:


Very good catch!!!

Did you notice same thing on your cam(s)?

The log number is 47155.

As for my background, I am a CS student and do hardware and software testing for various companies.

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I have not had a moment to test it yet.

right now my pan cam it out of the running but I am going to test it on a V2 and see is I can replicate it when I get off duty tomorrow afternoon.

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