Power adapter came apart

Title says it all. It came apart when i went to unplug it. Glad my 2 or 4 year old didn’t get at it first. Is there a recall? How do I get another one?

Yowch! You definitely need to open a ticket on that. I am sure they will replace it!

Ticket can be opened here.


You should submit a support request here

Here is another thread on the subject

It’s unfortunate that the pins remain behind exposed.

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Yes it is , I stuck my finger in a light socket when I was a kid, it was not fun, luckily I was not grounded


Yikes! :grimacing: Sorry to hear about that, and I’m certainly glad to hear no one got shocked or electrocuted especially your children.

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For situations where the power adapter jutting out from an outlet is a problem, there are a few workarounds:

  1. Using a short extension cord (the type typically sold to overcome the problem of plugging “wall warts” into tightly spaced outlets).

  2. An add-on outlet extender that has built-in USB ports (preferably on the sides or bottom).

  3. Replacing the outlet with one that has built in USB ports (capable of providing 1A if using a WyzeCam, or 2A if using the WyzeCam Pan). Obviously this wouldn’t work for someone renting in most situations, or if they can’t do it themselves, which is why I listed it last.

I’m thankful Wyze at least provides an adapter that unplugs from the cable, so substitution is easy. I have another brand of cameras (that have an NVR) that use USB power, but the provided power adapters all have captive cables.

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We are so sorry to hear that this happened, @rjj! Thank goodness your kid is okay. Have you gotten in touch with support? We would like to take this one back and send you a replacement.

Support Request Form


I have and thanks

I agree, It’s incredibly dangerous and reminds me of some Chinese made Christmas lights I purchase a couple years ago with a similar issue. In fact, Apple had the same issue with their small cube iPhone power adapters (we all have them) as well. The shroud would come off, exposing the mains voltage electronics, when they unplugged them. They had a world wide recall, but that’s Apple.

At this point, we haven’t seen evidence of there being a batch issue. In response to cases like @waltyates, we made changes to the structure of the power adapters to further reduce the likelihood of cases like this. So far, I haven’t run into any cases involving power adapters that were made after the changes were put into place. Part of why we request these back is to check to see if they were made before or after those changes.


FWIW, I have 5 of the v1 Wyzecams (plus a few of the new v3s) - three of them have had this exact problem in the last 6 months - this does indeed seem like a batch problem, and it’s very dangerous!

This is the third one - just came apart pulling it out of the socket - clearly there’s an issue here.


We are sorry to hear this! We made changes since the original design to further prevent these kinds of issues. If you would like, you can ask customer support to replace your adapters. We’d like to take this one back and make sure it’s the issue we fixed and not something new we need to dig into. Could you please reach out to the team?



Yes, reached out to support a couple days ago and they’re sending a few new ones. If someone sends me a return label I’ll put this one in the mail. The other two were thrown out as soon as they came apart.