Post Office Tracking Number

Hey All, my 1st post. I placed a order a few days ago. Received a EMail that it was shipped, but did not include a Tracking Number. So I was wondering if they ship with Tracking Number.
Thanks, Steve.

Welcome, mrnavy the second! :wink:

The orders typically do have tracking numbers. I am accessing the forum from a web page, so I will describe the process to get your tracking number from here.

If you go to the “Shop” link in the upper left corner, them click “My Account”, it will have you login. After you are in, click “My orders”, then the “View order” link of the appropriate order. Then, next to “Items Ordered”, you will find a Track link. That will get you a tracking number.

Should be a similar process for the app.

Caveat: When I ordered during the Black Friday sale, my tracking number was glitched. Maybe you’ll be luckier. In my case they sent via a FedEx/USPS combo (SmartPost). What I found is the erroneous tracking number Wyze showed WAS in the FedEx system. So I still could get tracking. However, it WASN’T in the USPS system.

After the shipment arrived, I saw the error in the tracking number is the first two digits were missing in the Wyze system. For me, those two numbers were “92”. After I entered the tracking number into the USPS system with the missing digits, it tracked. Interestingly, the correct number was ALSO in the FedEx system.


I had a replacement for a defective black cam shipped (and arrived) without a tracking number. I believe the original order didn’t have a tracking number, either.

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Thank you for your quick response.

Thank you.