Ordered camera never got it no order history

I ordered a black camera on black friday, I got an email confirming order then an email saying it shipped but with no tracking numbers. I never got the camera and my account shows I have got the camera and I payed with amazon pay

Your Shipment #000173535 for Order #001028034

Hello @brian6 and welcome to the community.

I am sorry this has happened, I would recommend contacting support for this issue


I did the same.
Created an account made and order, got the email comfirmation, then no tracking & no camera after days.
I contacted support, they were able to provide tracking and tell me when to expect it,
You have the order #, they will let you know the deal, took about 16 hours to get a reply.


contact the support and they will provide tracking details

Same here. Contacted support and they sent tracking number. Said I wasn’t logged in when I ordered but I was. Not sure what happened. Did receive a few days later though.

I do find it odd it has never shown in my order history.
Just looked to see if it ever populated.
That is definitely an interface/database query bug

Same thing happened to me it doesn’t show up. I contacted support and they gave me the tracking number