Possible solution for lost person detection announcements in alexa

Production version.

Thanks. Kinda proves the beta version causing it is incorrect.

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Alexa is actually following Wyze PD settings now.
Alexa is showing Person Detection options only for the cameras that have PD (Pilot) turned on in the Wyze app. Previously there wasn’t a relationship with Wyze settings at all.


1 step forward, 5 steps back. Person detection, AI labels, and Alexa announcements are now breaking all over the place.

Okay folks, what’s the latest fix for this? I’ve just gotten my first V3s (very late to to the party) and the lack of person announcements will keep me from replacing my main V2s.

So far I’ve tried the renaming trick (both in Alexa and the Wyze app), multiple discoveries, and reinstalling the skill.

Is there anything that actually works?

Strangely what the renaming did enable was the ability to live view the camera in Alexa. But no announcements.

(And yes, of course I added the camera to my Lite service and enabled person detection.)

Nobody? Sigh. And I just found out it’s worse than I thought. The V3 isn’t logging any person events at all, only motion, even though the person detection toggle is on and the camera is listed under Lite services.

I have not tried it recently. Must be another Alexa issue. We could report it in Fix-it-Friday. Is it still happening with the firmware that releases today?

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I am getting announcements from people from my V3’s and V3Pros.

Are all your cameras using Cam Plus Lite or do you have any on Cam Plus?

I will see about moving one of my cameras to Cam Plus Lite and see if I get notifications.

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OK but please don’t break anything on my account, @spamoni4 . Thank you to carver too - I’ll try a firmware upgrade against my usual policy.

But I was kind of hoping someone had figured out the special sauce / series of secret magical incantations that would get everything working by now. :frowning:

There are my first V3s so I was hoping I’d just missed something. And yes, all are on Lite.

Edit: Upgraded from to

No change in Alexa (Still "In order to enable this feature you may need to upgrade your Wyze plan.).

Edit2: On my second (not first) attempt after the upgrade I got a successful person event recorded. But still no Alexa announcement capability, despite another round or three of renaming camera and reinstalling Skill and rediscovering, etc., etc.

I will try on mine. I cannot do anything to your account.

I was trying to find out if you have only CPL or if you also have CamPlus.

@Customer is saying don’t break your setup trying to find the issue.


Alexa announces people on two cameras I’ve had set up for a couple of years. If I try to change the announcement Alexa informs me that I have to Update my Cloud cam subscription to enable it. The routine is shown as disabled but works fine.

I just added a routine to announce people at the front door using a V3. The routine was added with no issue. If I try to edit it I get the same message about Cloud subscription and the routine is shown as disabled.


LOL, oops read it a different way. Thanks


Now I am wondering what your first response was. :sweat_smile:

Lol. When he said don’t break anything on my account, I made the assumption that they were talking about their account.

I wanted to see if I could reproduce the issue. I have no issues with Alexa


Geez I guess next time I’ll use “behalf”. :wink:

Thanks for the replies.

Hmm that’s fascinating. I do this only with the Devices, Cameras settings - I’ve had bad results trying it with routines. And I’ve never seen a message about “cloud cam”, just the “upgrade your Wyze plan” message.

Certainly worth a try handling these new V3s with a routine, even if it’s suboptimal for my normal use. Thank you!


…and it doesn’t work. :frowning:

Trying to add by routine, Smart Home, device V3…

And this is dimmed and unselectable:

Other non-V3 cameras in the same Lite subscription can be selected for PD in routines.

So at present I still can’t use my new V3s to replace my V2s. I might have to return them.

Dang. Wish I knew what else to tell you, but you already tried all the standard tricks to get Alexa to recognize and allow things like this. It sounds like other people are able to use it just fine with CPLite and Alexa person detection. I can’t think of why it would be different for you.

I wonder if you activated your Cam Plus trial, then activated the Person skill, then switched to CPLite if it would fix it. That’s the only other thing I can think of that might do it. go through setup, activate a CP trial, set it up, then switch to Lite and check that it still works. Maybe Alexa has a bug where it needs that first but then allows it afterward? I could potentially see that as a bug…

Thanks. One reason I did it this way (avoided the trial) was precisely to avoid any kind of service integration interruptions. :frowning:

I guess you’re right, there’s nothing left to try really, other than more waiting for Alexa to get the hint.

Ugh, @carverofchoice the Plus “free” trial won’t start without a new credit card (it is also ignoring the 3 months that were supposed to come with these cameras and defaulting to 14 days). This is not acceptable.