Portable Wireless Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

Might be nice to offer an inexpensive, quality waterproof speaker. Need a way to either attach by suction to shower walls, or loop to hang over shower head. One way to differentiate could be an option to press a button on the speaker to alert family member when you need something. Like a doorbell for your shower :slight_smile:

wyze should also make a bluetooth speaker that is waterproof and that floats so you can take it on float trips and if you drop it you can find it and so it will float and play in the pool while you are swimming


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I suggest Wyze makes a nice looking 10 dollar Bluetooth speaker. As you can see, there are many nice ones on amazon. It would be great if you could incorporate some cheap rgb led lighting to make it look nice. If you want I can send you t an example one I bought from Amazon(the link). The one on amazon I have has all those features, gets really loud, has a great frecency range and battery life, has rbg lighting, looks very nice, and is under 10 dollars. Wyze could use that product as inspiration for their own. Note: I am not affiliated with them. This would be great for wyze and would sell like hot cakes. Please make it, and keep it at 10 dollars no more than 20 then people will love it. Make sure to make a new design that looks nice for parties, yet is still portable for running, has RGB, and is waterproof(just like the one from Amazon I have). Dont forget to get decent speakers that can be at least 75-70 db dual 5 watt. The speaker I have also has a decent frequency range and tf card aux input. Note the price has raised but using keepa or camelcamelcamel price tracker for amaazon you can see it was 10 dollars for a long time. Amazon.com.
I hope Wyze can make this idea. Im sure it will sell and I hope it acts as a guidence for your futuire plans.

Id love to have a speaker that is weather-proof, wired for power that I can put up on my porch and enjoy. Bluetooth, customary integrations, etc. I would buy about 10 of these for the front and back.

Hoping to see a smart portable speaker in the future so I can power up my iPad volume or phone anywhere, anytime. #smartportablespeaker

I would like to see Wyze make a smart speaker that is Bluetooth enabled and waterproof with ip65 rated it is definitely something they should look into because I know people would buy it.
Because it would be nice to have a Bluetooth speaker that would beat the competitors prices.

Bluetooth speaker system

It would be nice if Wyze built an affordable, quality distributed Bluetooth, high fidelity speaker system [kind of like the quality of the Amazon Echo Studio] for the whole house. My vision would have these speakers use mesh connection technology so from one IPhone/IPad located anywhere a speaker is sitting, I could play music throughout my house on multiple standalone, independently powered mesh connected speakers. From the IPhone/IPad I would be able to adjust the independent speakers volume and other parameters independently as well as minimally adjust the volume from the speaker itself. This way if I moved in to a room with music playing and felt it was either not loud enough or to loud I could adjust the volume with the IPhone/IPad in the other room. If I received a phone call in a room with a speaker playing music the speaker [not the whole system] would be smart enough to mute the music if I accepted the call while I am on the phone. If I move from one room to another while talking on the phone the speaker in the room I left would slowly come back up to volume while the speaker in the room I walked in to would begin to mute. A bonus would be to have any other phone number in the house do the same thing as it pertains to muting if a call comes in is accepted.

Perhaps, as time goes on these speakers could be expanded in to a whole house intercom too. So if I am in one part of the house and want to contact my wife in another part of the house I either activate the intercom from my phone or tablet or from a button on the speaker.

I could envision several other features to this like tying the speakers to the Wyze strip lights or from a security perspective have a methodology where music could be timed to play from one or more speakers while I am away to give the appearance that someone is in the house. This security feature would switch from one speaker to another speaker[s] at different times and volumes. If I were to view a room with a speaker playing say from a Wyze camera, the speaker volume would mute so I could see and hear what we going on in the space. Actually, if I am viewing a space with a Wyze camera it would be nice to have any Wyze lighting product come on too so I can really see the area especially at night.

Finally, if Wyze decided to make this a project, hopefully, I will be selected to help test the concept out.

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My wishlist product would be a small Portable Bluetooth Dolby Atmos Speaker or “mini sound bar” that can be paired to a phone or tablet.
It would be used to listen to music and to watch movies recorded in Dolby Atmos Spatial Audio.

  • Bluetooth
  • battery operated
  • portable

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