POLL: How Intuitive is the Wyze App?

The tool becomes transparent to the task at hand.

To me, this is the measure of great design. The thing to shoot for.

The tool becomes a transparent extension - of you. And as we all know, it’s all about you (or me, or us.) :wink:

So, whosoever designed the Wyze app, this is for you (and me, and us.) The community.

How intuitive is the Wyze app? How would you rate its design?

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Maybe mention how you voted, and why, in the comments. Maybe mention some software that has cleared that high bar, in your experience.

The longer you live the more likely it is you will feel a tender fondness for the humble things that have served you well. Those things proven indispensable. Beautiful. Classic.

Let’s celebrate them. :sunny:

It requires some getting used to.
However it’s a work in progress. There are many issues in the #roadmap that garner votes. But the voters (like me) have little idea about costs which might required to resolve the problems and the tradeoffs for fixing those problems.
I just hope that the Wyze team can garner the resources to fix the roadmap issues.

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Good points. It is a work-in-progress - one destined to remain so as functions and features grow. No experience in this field, but it seems to me that coping with that flux would be a critical part of education in effective interface design.

The Android BlueMail app is one I can point to as intuitive, satisfying to use. Granted, I spent several hours acquainting myself with its features through its integrated help function, but even that process was well laid-out and pretty painless.

I would hope a bit more work could be placed on the detection algorithm. A velocity variable for example. Near field versus fall field would be another useful variable to remove triggers on microscopic near field objects. There are detectors algorithms can differentiate between a pets and people.

As requested before all settings should be stored and utilized after power outages of any kind. Default settings on power up should be superseded by the programmed settings.


the poll question itself is poor… is “1” or “10” the higher “goodness” score …
try not to abbreviate things to the point where they are not obvious to the layman …

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That brings up the question of which features “reside” in the app, versus the firmware, versus read-only memory and the camera hardware. From the non-technical user’s point of view does it really matter? Probably not. The total experience trumps all.

Made me think, thanks.

Navigating the new Multi-View is pretty nice! Give 'er a go.

Ppp, the way we developed firmware to handled product versions, future design changes and parts obsolescence is to install a EPROM with a header designed to identify the module, store data such as settings, and also calibration data. This solution allowed every version of firmware to handle multiple vintages of product. The EPROM aided in the manufacturing and servicing the of the product too.

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I recall reading about Android “play services” (?) which serves a translating function for backward compatibility - maybe in the sense of the headers you mention?

This tenuous “comprehension” [mine] is an odd sensation. Thanks for laying it out for me.

A new version is out and the Wyze team has been busy! I can see they’re making significant (not baby) steps to correct, improve and enhance the experience and they get big ups for that. Well done! :raised_hands: :+1:

Having said that…

Here’s my daily use case and the quality of my experience using the app:

I review Events (cloud clips) in landscape and swipe fullscreen from one to the next. If I see something of interest and want context for the scene there are a minimum of 7 moves:

portrait > back > back > camera-group aster_5 camera aster_5 view-playback aster_5 landscape

necessary before I can begin to search the timeline for the corresponding SD event.

This assumes there are no connectivity (negotiation) roadblocks here aster_5

The process of searching the timeline is awkward and can be beset by significant lagginess when using the timeline left/right arrows to move from SD event to SD event - or in viewing the footage itself.

Assuming one’s local network is not the cause, I think the lag may be due to the camera recording a current SD event to the card at the same time one is browsing the card for a past event. Sum total,

This is the least intuitive process I can imagine.

For sure, I’m a dutch uncle - I respect the Wyze team and their openness to hard, fair criticism. So,

Keep getting better.

I have no doubt you will.

(And, please please please, take breaks, walk by the briny lake, toss acorns pine cones over Mr. Gates smart fence, in short, take care of yourselves. The pace at which you’re traveling is breakneck and I worry about you. :slight_smile: )

the best thing wyze could do is to create as many API hooks ( perhaps JSON commands or similar ) as possible so that the creative community can rearrange the UI as desired … that would be “wyze”

Speaking of “intuitive”… The poll doesn’t indicate which way the scale goes. Is most intuitive a 10 out of 10, or is it a 1 as in “first place”?

If it was intuitive you’d know.

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so many great things about WYZE PRODUCTS … sadly , i must say the user interface for the ipad app is poor. the organization makes little sense to me. i so wish that there was an API or config file to make life easier… both for configuring the system and for documenting the setup. BOO HOO

I give it a 4 in intuitiveness. I believe the app can use some work. Unfortunately, I think they will just keep cramming stuff into hidden nooks while they bring new products to market.

Too much hidden in drop downs and behind other gadgets. I understand they are dealing with limited screen space. I just think it can be utilized better. The low contrast between controls and the backgrounds also hurts the app.