Plug went offline --won't update

The header says it. The Wyze plug, that I’ve been using for some time, now shows up as “offline”, The pilot light is flashing blue. When I go to settings for the plug, it seems to need an update. So far, the update has failed about six times. This happened a few months ago as well, and I deleted and then reinstalled the plug. That seemed to work, but now the problem has re-emerged. Any ideas?

I guess I caught the system mid-update. The plug shut down, and then appeared on the app as offline. I unplugged it and replugged it, and followed the advice to re-add it, and it finally appeared on the app. Interestingly, the blue light was off, but the plug was responsive. At any rate, I set it as Off, and then tried the update --remarkably, it accepted the update at this point. All seems ok for the moment.