Please bring back the old detection / zone settings. The grid is a problem

Is it possible to bring back the old detection setting where you can maneuver the zone to exactly where you want it. The grid setting is a problem because when I set it on my driveway it includes area outside my driveway where cars pass very often which triggers an unwanted notification very often. If I remove that grid I don’t get coverage for what I need. The old setting allowed you to curve the line to exactly where you want the camera to detect and therefore omitting zones outside. With this grid setting no matter how much I adjust my camera, I am getting too much or too little. Please bring back the old settings.

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Curve? There was never a curve setting. The original way of doing it was four points that could be set with each being a corner. The newer version is a series of grid squares that each can be selected or not. Much better control.


Yep, the original was one moveable, size-adjustable rectangle.

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I find the new detections are spot on

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Yes I agree but that meant you could curve the
dots to where you want your zone therefore omitting unwanted areas. With the grid it is difficult as I am either getting too much or too little even after adjusting my camera.

No, it was a rectangle. There was no way you can “curve the dots”. The grid is an improvement.

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Curve, slant potato potato

The new grid is much better for 99% of users. If you’re having an issue where the line of your driveway is not aligned with the grid, could you just physically adjust the camera a tiny bit so it does?

Ideally a multi point polygon system would be available, but for now grid is the best we have.

I have adjusted the cameras but I understand most people prefer the grid. It is what it is.