Pintch-to-Zoom Causing Image to Stretch Horizontally

When using the Wyze cam app on the latest version of Android on an S10e and a Pixel 2 XL, when I pinch to zoom the image stretches and distorts the image ratio. My child looks like an alien baby when I zoom in because of her elongated head due to the ratio stretch. When I zoom out to the full picture the proper ratio snaps into place.

Pretty sure she’s not shape-shifting… at least I hope not. Happens on both devices.

Android 10 with the latest updates. Any solutions to this or is this a bug?

I am seeing the same issue

Same here. I submitted a log. It’s extremely annoying. I’m used to double-tapping to zoom and then moving around, and it’s unusable right now.

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Wyze knows about this and is working on a fix. Here is there latest response.

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