Phone support

I called this afternoon around 3:30pm CST (1:30pm PST) to ask a question. After being told that I had two customers ahead of me in the que, I decided to wait it out. 20 minutes later, I am told to try the online email support and was disconnected. In disbelief, I tried again with the same outcome. Perhaps there’s a good reason?

had the same thing happen a couple of days ago (about 2/24) - total b.s.

Cant get passed the “scan Qr code” / “Ready to Connect”. Cam wont scan it, tried using two different phones, Changed router channels, verified 2.4g and pw.

Even tried using phones wifi hotspot. No change / wont scan the qr.

Autoattendant said i was One in que. 62 minutes later I’m still on hold. No reply from email support (sent yesterday)

I wanted to like this.


8\13\18 Update:

They replaced the camera (long ago). New camera setup with no problems.


Did you ever get it to scan? Are you hearing the “Ready to Connect” prompt, but never hearing “QR Code scanned, please wait” ?

If you haven’t watched this video, please do. Here’s a link with the relevant starting time (you already have it unboxed):

Directions DO matter!!

It might be to late for those having scan QRC issues, but I tried for 2 weeks to get a scan to work on cameras #2 and #3,

I even did the Bios upgrade (memory card…unzip …etc) …no help…but with my 1st cam working I did not want to risk upgrading it also until the others were working.

Took a while to get to someone that knew what to check, then from Tier 2 support Max Stoneking asked me to confirm I was trying to scan the QRC on my phone with the Wyzecam itself…duh…stupid me…I was using the phone to scan the QRC on the Wyzecam …grrr…which was the wrong way. Though I don’t recall seeing for cam #2, #3 the QRC show up on my phone or I may have realized it.

Anywho…so it worked out as simple as the 1st one did. I think having the QRC on the phone caused me to leap to a wrong approach and not read the steps the 2nd time.

Well all 3 are up and running, then I used the app to upgrade the software on camera #1…no need to unzip and hold buttons…went smoothly over 4 min or so.

3 working cameras now, that I can reach when I am on my cell phone not on wi-fi…really nice system

Kudo’s to Max and the team.




I placed an order on August 10th and the receipt said 4-7 days delivery. I tried to find out what the order status was today and the customer email support response said it may take 2 - 5 days to get a response. I called customer service and a recording said to email customer service. Is this a legitimate company?

Support is a little shotty and shipping may be later than u like,

usually “4-7 days delivery” means… after they process the order, which usually takes a day or 3 as well…

but… worth it.

I don’t pretend to know what’s going on at Wyze HQ, but from what I gather it sounds like a small team with an (unexpectedly?) immensely popular product.

Just for some unsolicited personal perspective, I used to be a Sr. Support Analyst for a small company and I can tell you from experience that timely customer support takes a lot of manpower. Our support department would receive 100-200 online support requests per day and field at least 30 support calls. With average call times in the 10-20 minute range and say 5 minutes to read and respond to online requests, that’s easily 20 hours of work. When you’re working a typical 8-hour day that means our 3-person support department was working non-stop to respond to customer requests within 24 hours, and that doesn’t account for more difficult issues that might take days of back and forth to resolve.

The good news is there are some incredibly helpful people here on the forums that can provide a lot of basic support and help with setup. The Support section also has some good resources with screenshots to guide you through typical operations.