Philips Hue Button / Switch for Wyze Lights control or ____

If anyone is interested in a button switch to control lights or other devices, I bought a Hue dimmer switch that has 4 buttons.
My wife likes to have a regular room light switch (just in case).
I used Alexa routine to setup the top button to toggle 3 Wyze color bulbs (2 lamps & ceiling light) on/off in TV room.
I will be setting up the bottom button to toggle on/off the lights at the computer which is also in the same room. The other 2, I can use for changing color or dimming or …

I mounted the switch beside the room light switch. It can also be table top as it just pulls out of the holder.

I installed it with the Hue app so Alexa would find it, then used Alexa to setup routine.
Philips Hue Smart Dimmer Switch with Remote, White - 1 Pack - Turns Hue Lights On, Off, Dims or Brightens - Requires Hue Bridge - Easy, No-Wire Installation

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You mast have the Hue Bridge, right?

Yes. Correct. Works great.