Person detection without cloud storage

Tl;dr: an option to send videos to the cloud for person detection but then delete them from the cloud after processing and sending notifications; only store videos locally on micro SD card.

Why? Some people don’t want videos of the inside of their house to be stored on someone else’s computer!

I use Wyze cams for my home cameras because of the option to record locally to a micro SD card. I love that I can remotely connect and see the inside of my house, and go back in time to earlier in the day, without having to store videos (of the inside of my house) on someone else’s servers. However, I’m frustrated that you can only get the advanced detection algorithms (e.g. person detection) if you allow your videos to be stored on Wyze’s servers.

I suspect that sending the videos to their servers is required because the advanced detection models (like person detection) can’t run locally on the cameras’ hardware, so those models have to be run on servers. Makes sense. But what I would love is an option to do that processing and then delete the videos. Don’t store them.

That way, I could get the benefits of advanced detection, but my videos are only stored locally on my hardware. Yes, they would still be sent to “the cloud”, and I’d have to trust that Wyze really does delete them when they say they will. But let’s be honest, these are internet-connected cameras created by Wyze in the first place. There’s already a strong level of trust in Wyze required to use them in the first place! I just want an option where they at least say that they don’t store my videos. I would trust that.

The v3 PRO does AI detection on the camera. Not sure if the Pro will meet all of your other needs but I would start by looking here.

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I understand what you are asking for, but it does not make sense, If you have Wyze delete the cloud events, what is the point of them processing AI events?

Camera uSD card events are strictly based on fairly dumb motion detect ONLY. They have no relationship to what the AI processing does.

I’m guessing that they want the AI person notification and a static image placeholder in events list, so either will allow direct link to SD card footage.

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That’s great to know! I’d rather not have to replace all of my existing cameras (I’m up to 5 now), and I do use the pan and tilt functions a lot (4/5 are pan v2, and the 5th is a pan v3), so I still think there’d be value in this feature, but nonetheless, I had no idea that the v3 pro did that processing locally, so maybe in the future there will be a pan and tilt version that does that too!

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I definitely get that it wouldn’t be for everyone, but to be able to get notifications (possibly with a screenshot?) of what happened, but then have the video available locally would be great. I definitely want to know (via a notification) if a person was detected, vs if it was some other kind of motion, but I would prefer if getting that processing (and notifications) wasn’t dependent on the video footage then being stored on Wyze’s servers after the processing was complete and the notifications had been sent.



The Floodlight Pro also has onboard AI. However, there are no notifications for Person Detection unless you are subscribed to Cam Plus. Without it, you will only get Motion Notifications even though some of the uploaded Thumbnail Snapshot images may be tagged Person. Without Cam Plus, you will also be subjected to a 5m cooldown lockout between upload thumbnails.