Person Detection Update: A New Experiment for Premium Features

For those wondering about Wyze V2 ($26-ish with shipping) v Eufy indoor ($39.99 w/shipping) side by side, here’s an interesting view of the same event of a Raccoon visiting my porch with both cams side by side through my front window:



Granted, both have a glare at night from the window that isn’t a problem in the day time… This night footage of the raccoon was just more exciting than just flowers swaying. (No IR active)

Free Local PD has been 100% with the Eufy so far too. Sometimes it recognizes my cat as a pet (if he enters the screen from the right side).

You can kind of see my Wyze motion sensor taped in black sitting on the right bottom horizontal rail (bottom middle of the screen in front of the middle big post)… It points across my porch, slightly toward the door. If I mount it higher it only detects people, but I wanted it to also announce when my cat wants to be let in, so I keep it lower.
This helps catch Wyze’s missing notifications from not noticing or from the cool-down delay from swaying flowers. Because of the 5 minute delay for notifications the sensor was necessary, It told me something entered my porch tonight and I saw the raccoon. I guess something like this is a nonpreferable option for people who don’t want to pay for PD… But at least it is an option of sorts. You can have the sensor force a cloud recording Everytime without the cool-down delay. Currently, such events show up as “automation” instead of “Person” “Motion” or “Sound” in cloud events, but at least it works if you are looking for a potential Wyze-only solution.


I think it’s pretty clear, you can’t answer the second question until you can answer the first. So saying you don’t have an answer yet is the full answer? Did I misunderstand something? :thinking::crazy_face:

It’s still interesting on two points. First, they appear to have locked out ALL notifications from the firmware, even those having nothing to do with Xnor. Second, they apparently timed this in concert with the formal release of “CamPlus”. If it were for legal defense reasons alone I would have expected them to kill firmware functionality long before now.

I am in Canada using CAM Plus trial so technically (part 1) yes international users can use it.
All I can assume is that WYZE hasn’t mastered the skill of receiving money from sources outside the US. Too bad, it’s a handy option for businesses.
She wrote and answered her own questions, there was no need for ambiguity. :grin:

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So I got Cam Plus working. You know Person Detection still does not work right. I tested on the indoor cam. Remotely turned the lamp on while I was upstairs. Got an alert of a person on that cam. I wasn’t even anywhere around that cam and I know there wasn’t anyone in the house. This is going to be a hassle the two bundled together like this if we keep getting false positives. Hence the reason why I never liked PD and just stuck with CMC.

Sorry I really am not impressed with PD and I wish there was a way to turn that function off or give us that option in a future update.

Well technically they are only sort of in Canada so as the saying goes YMMV. Which is kinda the very embodiment of ambiguity. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Funny how so many individual eBay sellers seem to handle it no problem…

Excellent comparison and tips!
:+1: :+1:
Wonder if that Wyze cam might benefit from the foggy image lens cleaning mentioned in another thread?

Well I’m very disappointed. Yes I got my Cam Plus but I was a previous CMC subscriber and now I’m being told that I"ll be paying full price as of August 30th. I don’t know if this is a glitch in the system but the email states CMC prices til August 2021. I suggest others check their billing history and services on their account. I’m not even going to be home today to dispute this upcoming charge. Please, I’m tired of filling out tickets every day. :frowning:



Maybe the glass over the sensor is to stop the sensor getting dirty

Almost. It effects the cameras as they get older too. :grin:

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I’ve seen a post where it was said the glass is for shipping only and is supposed to be removed when the lense is installed in the camera. :man_shrugging:


I got a notification this morning from one of my remote cams on xnor.

My local test cam (Xnor) is not making PD notifications on both old android and new iPadOS apps. If I look at the PD Settings on the apps …
Android informs me PD for the test camera is disabled whilst Wize does stuff. iPadOS reports it’s enabled.
I updated to latest firmware and PD notification for the test cam is back

What do you mean by “latest firmware” in an Xnor context? Your post confuses me.

Last version for xnor PD operation

Cam Firmware

Pan Cam Firmware
Android App version

Latest firmware is the latest firmware, it doesn’t have xnor

Right, so when you wrote that did you mean updating to .5.36 / .5.34 or did you mean latest firmware and switching to cloud PD?

I used the app to update the firmware. Hence that camera is on “cloud PD”
All my other remote-to-me cameras are on Xnor but relying on Wyze to push notifications to the App.

As I haven’t received notifications for some time from my remote cameras…
I took some time yesterday messing with my local camera and changing back and forth between xnor and cloud PD Firmware to try to make sense of the issue.

And yet one of your Xnors did manage to notify you. Hmm.