Person Detection Update: A New Experiment for Premium Features

@Mods / @WyzeGwendolyn , perhaps this is a good time to split this thread again, now that the feature (experiment) is being implemented? We’re well over 1,000 posts in…

Just a thought.


Hey Ken, point me to where it indicates unlimited cameras

I will look for a place where it actually says it, but I do know on the ‘pay what you want’ plan is per account for supported devices which are currently the V2 and Pan

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I noticed they now have an annual plan for Cam Plus $14.95 I think, so it could be done if they wanted to. I also hate monthly subscriptions.

kinda hard to miss…


For those that are looking for a one-time fee or an annual option for Legacy PD there is a #wishlist topic for it, you can vote at the link below.


Yes, WYZE could implement an annual fee but they don’t know yet if enough people are going to support it. So, if they don’t rake in enough money to support stand alone PD they will either have to kill it off or set it up as subscription only. If that happens and hundreds of people have paid an annual fee how are they going to deal with that?

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I wonder if they will be adding it to Outdoor cam though. Because right now in the pilot/beta program, I have person detection on my Outdoor cam so I would think that means they would be adding it to this program soon as well. I know for sure they are adding Cam Plus to the Outdoor cam soon.

Not really a problem? They could still serve the feature to those who are “paying enough”… I’d rather see that than have the feature disappear. They certainly left it vague enough to do whatever they need to do later.

So what happens to those that paid but not enough? Do they get cancelled then a partial refund?

We have reached clairvoyance. Name your price and I will or maybe not tell you your future.



What about on device person detection? Has Wyze given up on that entirely and is resorting to only cloud based AI for person detection? The hardware was capable with Why not continue R&D?

Research needs $$$$$$$

Remember Netfkix raised price 5 years ago?

I believe they said they were still looking at a on-device method

Could be any number of reasons why they didn’t do it on device. The simplest explanation could be that they just don’t have the knowhow to do it. Perhaps at least not without violating some sort of XNOR.AI software patents if it’s too close to the same processes. I assume was pretty innovative if Apple bought them out. I’m not so sure Wyze itself does all that much from scratch software writing and is more of a reseller than hardcore engineering. After all, many products are just rebranded Xiaomi products including the band and scale based on the Xiaomi products I’ve seen. I saw someone on Reddit gutted and posted pictures and the decompiled firmware from the outdoor camera and it looks like that was written by Huawei based on the Huawei references all in the software.

On the cynical side, it could also be that Wyze actually wants a subscription service as a revenue source going forward into the future. Of course, that’s complete speculation and only they know what their plans are.


So, I have person detection now (in beta)… And I get person detection on my outdoor cam. Am I understanding that the outdoor camera won’t have access to person detection after Oct 7?


So in the email they say this is exclusively available to the earliest Wyze users.

But they are letting people post-November 2019 sign up for name your price PD…so it’s not exclusive to them after all, right? Apparently “earliest Wyze users” now includes everyone who signs up for it before October 9th 2020 then. Anyone after that presumably must get Cam Plus.

I wonder how they came up with the suggested $1.48 per account. Why didn’t they tell us how much per camera? So if I feel I have fewer cameras using PD than the “average” Wyze user I should pay less, but if I have more using PD than the “average” Wyze account then I should I pay more? What is average? 2 Cams? 10? I guess it also depends on how many events each cam has. Would’ve been nice to get some transparency in how much their costs are per event.

I am one of those very anti-monthly-subscription people. I don’t mind helping out,…I really debated long and hard about how much I should pay.

What I would prefer to do is have Wyze tell us how long it will take them to come up with a non-subscription plan. Do it all locally on a V3, create a hub that will do it all locally, or something else. I know they were looking to hire Edge AI programmers which indicated they were looking to do one of these things. Tell us a reasonable time frame of how long that will take (to make it right…really right), let me make a one-time payment to help get you through to that time. I understand I may then have to buy another device to handle that, or exchange cams (buy new ones and maybe auction off my old V2’s to others). All of that is reasonable.

Don’t get me wrong, Wyze has been more transparent than most companies…but half transparency is still not actual transparency. What is the ultimate solution? Are the new edge employee jobs in the hopes of looking at a future local solution, even if it’s just for a future cam? How much is it really costing per 12 second event so I can figure out what I’m actually costing you? Are you doing anything to reduce pointless costly events like leaves, bugs, dust, or short movement less than a second or 2?

Lastly, if I pick to pay one price now, can I actually change it later? It does say it has to be set by October 9th, and presumably isn’t available after that…if it’s not longer available after that can we actually really change the price since the option won’t be available anymore? The video indicated we can pay one price this month and less the next month when we don’t have money, etc…but it seems that would be difficult to do if it must be set by the 9th…

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That one I do know the answer is yes, it can be changed every month if you would like


Person motion seems to be broken for the past week. Been working perfectly before that.
Reboots dont help much.
Most times it fails to detect person motion.

I don’t think that’s true? At least one person reported that they followed the link but the offer wasn’t available to them when they tried it. Perhaps someone screwed up the mass mailing eligibility list.