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I think Wyze is pretty freakin awesome regardless of this “tacky and lame tactic,” since they must have very small profit margins to begin with and the quality for the price still amazes me. The wyze lock definitely amazes me considering it is much better than the August Top of the line Lock, keypad, Bridge and (not closed fully) sensor. Plus no new holes are required where as August requires 2 small holes for a contact sensor neer the bolt. I guess I just dont want another monthly charge ontop of the 50 other dumb ones I currently subscribe to. Let me know what you guys think of the wyze band if possible or any other products with info you feel would be beneficial? I have all the products/badges and they are great. My pan cam is not working but Im hoping to fix when I have time to burn.

Sean Miller

seanmiller241 - Many companies have small profit margins and don’t pull the “tacky and lame tactic” scenario on their customers.

So about the Band, let me tell you my experience with it. The actual usable display area is a lot smaller than it looks. And what makes it even worse is the amount of information on each screen, it’s overkill. Also, currently there is no way to adjust how long each screen stays up, so right now they shut off too quickly. Before I can read the tiny print, it goes black and I have to keep bringing it back up. Then there are the strap issues. Mine came with two, a snap type strap and a more traditional watch buckle strap. The snap one kept unsnapping and I almost lost my Band once. The other strap, the end doesn’t stay in the loop, so it ends up flapping around often. Someone suggested Wyze make a velcro style strap and I agree.

On the plus side, you get a breakdown of all the information via the App on your phone. Also, for as much information as it gives it’s very inexpensive at the $25 price point. Yes, the heart rate screen can be inaccurate at times, but it’s not something you rely on completely anyway. And if you wanted a more accurate reading, use your finger to your throat.

thanks. i have one but i just dont know how to best apply it. i agree with you fully.

I am in favor subscription charges for person detection. Wyze shud maintain its competitive advantage and keep the service free and make it up in volume. My cameras are sunk cost if you ask me to pay monthly charges. Pl dont do it. Thanks

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