Person detection Cool down

Why would I need person detection when the regular detection can capture anything. The reason I ask is because there will always be a 5-minute cooldown period between videos. I’m not referring to Cam plus.


Only because “anything” includes shadows, branches, cars, insects, squirrels, leaves, etc., etc. and many of us are using the cameras outside with too many irrelevant alerts.

For indoor use it’s probably less needed.

person detection allows push notifications to be set to person only so you’re not gettings notifications for things you don’t care about.

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Well unfortunately that’s not the case. I have it set on JUST “person detection” and I still get an occasional shadow from a leaf or anything the wind decides to blow past the camera.

Does it get labeled as a person detected incorrectly or does it get labeled as regular motion?

It gets labeled as regular motion and/or person detection.

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