Discard video event and reset cooldown if no person detected

Is there a way to record events on cam v2 if and only if a person is detected? I don’t want recordings of flies and plants moving in the wind.

Currently, I have only the ability to receive a push notification if a person is detected, but recording conditions are either motion or sound, no person option.

This would not be possible because of the way person detection works. The recording must happen and be sent to the cloud to be processed to determine if a person was detected. However, there is a solution. On the events page, there is a filter button to show you only person events. This should pretty much satisfy the need. Yes, the other recordings are still in the cloud, but they don’t cost you anything.

The only problem with the solution you suggested is that the non-person recordings would trigger the 5 min or so cooldown between 12-second recordings, which may make me miss an actual person recording if it happens right after a motion one.

That’s an excellent point. However, I don’t know if it’s technically possible since the video has to be recorded and sent to the cloud before being analyzed for PD. I suppose that after the video is analyzed, it could be auto-deleted and the cooldown period reset if no person was detected. That might be feasible, I don’t know.

I will move this post this topic over to the wishlist with a title change to reflect that possibility. (Be sure to click the VOTE button at the top.)

All that said, I think the solution is going to be using Complete Motion Capture in conjunction with PD. Unfortunately, that does require a subscription. Also note that for the time being, PD & CMC do not work together (yet). They are planned to work together, however, by the time PD is fully released.

The cooldown period should be between person events not motion if the “new” person detection is to be a viable replacement for the xnor firmware. As it stands now, and I only have person notifications selected, the cooldown between motion events (leaves, bugs…) is missing any people that pass the camera during that 5 minutes.

I understand the technical reasons here, but the result is different than what was promised.

I’d like to see an option to only record clips if a person is detected.