Person detection basic plan

I currently have the web cam pan v2 and using 2 devices a ipad2 and a iphone 10 that all software are up to date. The camera is turned on and the motion and sound is working and in my settings I have person detection turn on. in the event I have both person on motion turned on.

I have been having the basic person detection plan for years and never had a problem.

Current webcam version
The plan mention that it will always be free.

Why all of a sudden it is not working and what are the steps needed to get it working again.

If you missed the offer you no longer have free person detection.

I did not miss the free offer I did what was required. I need to contact someone from the company. Do you have their number.

By phone: 1 (844) 999-3226 or (206) 339-9646
Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT