Person Detection - Add Tag During Motion Event

I have noticed that if a motion event begins as general motion (doesn’t initially detect a person), the event will be logged only as a general motion event even if a person enters the scene during the event. It would be great if, when a person enters a general motion event while it is ongoing, the “Person” flag would be added to the event. So if a person enters the scene at all during an event, said event will display the “Person” tag in my event calendar viewer.

If during a regular motion event (which is 12 seconds long) a person enters the scene, the is supposed to generate a person-detected event. If it does not, you can tap the link at the bottom of the event view to share the event with Wyze. Sharing these false negatives will help Wyze improve the algorithm over time.

for any detected event ( based on pixel change) the AI if it is on should scan the entire clip and flag it based on the entire clip, not just what triggered it initially. make sure you are sending the clips in so it helps to solve the misses/ false positives and makes the actual person detections more accurate.

Oh fantastic idea. I forgot to send the clip in.

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I guess what I’m trying to say is that it would be nice to have an extra event indicating that a person was spotted. Right now I have an event that logs as general motion because the 12 second clip was prior to the person walking into view. Then, during the same motion event, the person walks in. However, since the event flag in the software was already thrown, it doesn’t indicate or notify that a person entered the view.

As of now I have to view every single event and scroll through the playback to check if a person entered view. It would be beneficial in my opinion to have an extra event logged if a person enters the frame, even while a general motion event is already active. That way at the end of the day I can more easily locate all the times/clips within Playback where people were detected.

@pianomancam That’s exactly the way it is supposed to work. As long as the person appears in the 12 second clip, then the event should be get the person flag (which you can filter for in the event list). If that’s not happening, then the algorithm has failed in that case, and you should send the clip to Wyze indicating “I saw a person”.

Also, please review the tips here:


@Loki I understand what you’re saying, and I reviewed the tips you recommended to read. I don’t believe I’m explaining myself correctly so I apologize for that. Let me provide an example of what I’m trying to describe now that I’m more educated on how it works.

Say, for instance, a car enters the scene. The motion detection will be triggered, a 12 second clip will be recorded, and a 5 minute event-cooldown period will begin. However, say there is still motion of some sort occurring after the initial 12 seconds are finished. It may be the car that triggered the event, or another car, or a bird… whatever the case, motion continues after 12 seconds. As long as motion is occurring, the cam is recording and storing in “Playback” on the cloud. However, even if the motion continues for, say, 6 minutes, I will only receive notification of one single event since motion has not ceased since the 12 second event was recorded.

Therefore, what I’m trying to ask for is a separate 12 second event which will occur if and when a person is detected while motion is already occurring. So then there would need to be two separate 5-minute event-cooldowns – one for general motion and one for person detection. In the case I described above, the car passes by, other random motion causes the Playback to continue recording to the cloud, and during the time motion is being captured following the 12 second clip a person walks by. At this point another 12 second clip would be captured, and another notification sent for person detection. I hope that is a more sufficient explanation of what I’m looking for.

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There are some misconceptions about how it works here. Let me try to clarify…

After the 12 second clip is recorded and sent to the cloud, there is no more video sent to the cloud for5 minutes. If you have an SD card in the camera, video may still be being recorded to the card. However, it is completely independent from the 12 second cloud clips. More importantly, the person detection algorithm does not run on video written to the SD card.

You don’t receive only one notification because motion continued. You receive only one notification because there was only one 12-second cloud video and then a 5 minute timeout. Notifications are generated solely based on cloud clips, never based on the SD card recording.

The algorithm only runs when there has been some pixel based motion detection (containing a person or not) and then cannot run again until there is another pixel-based motion event (after 5 minute cool down). The algorithm never runs independently from a 12-second event. Essentially what you are asking for is to reduce or eliminate the 5 minute cool down. There is a Wishlist topic about that which you may want to vote for. It is easy to find by searching in the Wishlist.

Side note: Cloud clips triggered by the Wyze Sense motion and contact sensors do not have a cool down period. While the person detection does not run on those clips currently, Wyze is looking into making that happen at a future date.

@pianomancam is spot on with his comment. Person detection is all but negated in its usefulness because person detection in a vast majority of scenarios is preceded by some other type of motion that you don’t care about, then a person enters the frame when the camera is in cool down.
So we’ve gone from a scenario where we receive tons of useless notifications, to a scenario where I now receive virtually none, despite numberous persons that may pass by and enter the frame. I only enable person notifications, because that was the whole point of offering this feature, to filter the excessive meaningless notifications. I want to know when people enter the frame, but it rarely happens despite numerous opportunities.
So now if I have a package delivered, and the delivery man comes right to my door in full frame of my camera, I get no notification because the truck entered the frame first, and the the man doesn’t pop out of his truck in those first 12 seconds to be seen and identified by the camera. Or something else put the camera in cooldown before he rolled up.
The camera needs to be checking for motion events unless both regular detection and person detection have been triggered within the last 5 minutes, Both need their own cooldowns.
Or if only person detection notifications are enabled, it needs to only go in cooldown following a person detection event.
I actually think person detection should have it’s own shorter cooldown.
I understand that pixel detection initiates a person detection evaluation, but I have full confidence that the bright engineers at wyze can figure out to make this feature worthwhile. It’s just that in its current implementation, it’s less useful than being spammed by notifications.

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@Loki Thank you very much for clarifying. I appreciate the time you take in this Forum to explicitly answer questions/concerns. I didn’t understand that only Cloud clips run person detection. Perhaps a feature can be added to apply person detection to the SD playback such that a “person” tag would be visible to the user while viewing Playback? I feel like this would be very helpful.

As per eliminating the cooldown, I considered explicitly recommending it but couldn’t logically justify doing so. This is because without a cooldown I can only imagine the sheer quantity of notifications that would likely be sent in such scenarios. For this reason alone the cooldown makes sense to stay in my opinion.

If you like, you could submit a #wishlist topic asking to apply Person Detection to the SD card video. Here’s how the #wishlist works: How to Use the Wishlist.

That said, I have doubts that it would be feasible. Wyze had to do a lot of shoehorning to fit the current AI into the little processor’s available cycles. I don’t know if there are enough left to run it on the SD card. But who knows, maybe in the background.

As I mentioned above, the the Wyze Sense motion sensor triggered videos don’t have a cool down and are much less likely to trigger false alerts, so pairing one of those with a camera might be an option for you. The Person Detection doesn’t work on those now, but Wyze has stated that they are looking at getting them included.

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If they would simply add a marker in the playback from an event that occurred it would solve nearly all of the issues.
Meaning I get a notification stating there was a person detected… check the clip… if more is going on… view playback on the camera and select the marker that corresponds… Red for person detection and purple for motion… or whatever colors.

I would suggest submitting that as a Wishlist item. Sounds like a reasonable approach. Do search the Wishlist first as @Loki mentioned in his comment. Would not be good to have multiples :blush:

This is a popular request and I voted already. called something to the effect of… add a marker to the timeline or the likes.