Person at the door

i’m just notice that person at the door ’ is no longer at the cam,
so it’s just a cam .
and I can’t know if someone at the door .

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Can you provide more info? I don’t know where this feature was located in cam settings? Are you on iOS or android?

@obodoni, are you referring to the “Person detection” feature?


Two months ago

There was a feature. Person at the door

No longer active.

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I’m not familiar with that and how would the camera know? Wish I could help more. I called in the cavalry.

@mavens. You wanna way in? I’m lost. I don’t recall this feature at all.

If you have a camera that points out the front door, and you named the camera “Front Door”, then with Person Detection, you would get a notification that says something like “Person Detected on Front Door”. I think this is what you are referring to.

The in-camera person detection feature has been temporarily removed. A replacement is in the works. For more info, see this:

An update regarding Person Detection

and this:

Motion detection filter for people (person detection)


That makes sense Loki. I wasn’t even thinking about that. That’s why I call in the mavens👍

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