Person Detect & Doorbell Cam

Anyone know why the doorbell cam is not able to use person detect?

with cam+ it’s working on mine

Mine doesn’t, takes ten minutes to get a notification but it can sure sound off when it’s windy. I get the notification after the person has rung the doorbell and left.

Cam+ and person detect are 2 different animals.

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only cam+ has person detection on the doorbell


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I’m seeing that as I found Person Detect is not compatible with Doorbell…but I guess it is if you get Cam+.

So I early adopted Person Detect because…?

if you are referring to legacy person detection (pre-cam+), that is only valid for V2 & PAN cams, maybe V1s too.

Yes, person detect. I’m not aware of there being any legacy tag to it, but I’m sure that’s what I have.

“back in the day” there was free person detection that was discontinued, but anyone that had an account before a certain date (I don’t recall the date) could sign up to continue getting free person detection but only on the V1/V2 & PAN. Wyze clearly stated all future person detection would require cam+. It’s been like this for some time now. I tried digging up the post with all the info but didn’t find.

you can vote on this thread to have legacy person detection added to more devices:

if u truly have legacy person detection, it will show up in your account @

Thanks for all the effort you’ve put into this…
I “truly” am paying for person detect.
It was free, then there was the “pay what you want” offer, which I took.

It wouldn’t surprise me if there was mention of it being limited to cams as you said, at the time there was no such thing as a Wyze doorbell cam, so what did I care?

I’m trying the very detailed motion detect area on the doorbell, removing any bushes from the detection zone and expect that will suffice.