PanCam and V2 Cam both have blinking blue light even with "Disable LED" enabled

I have PanCam and several V2’s running version “” & “” (respectively) of the Bete RTSP firmware (I don’t think the issue I am having is unique to the Beta firmware, I am just stating this to be completely open). After the firmware installation, I used the App to setup everything and confirmed access to the camera’s RTPS stream via VLC and other tools. I then placed to cameras into an environment that has WiFi network access, however, the WiFi network does not allow for actual Internet access (local on-site only access!). This allows for local LAN based monitoring of the various camera’s video RTSP streams without them going out to the WYZE Cloud, although they can be individually allowed to access the Cloud if I need to make configuration changes via the App.

The problem I am experience is that both camera types are now blinking their BLUE status indicator LEDs! The V2 is not too bad since that LED is located in the rear of the unit and is difficult to see from the front of the camera, however, the PanCam has the BLUE LED in front and is constantly blinking!!! Is there anyway to actually disable any and all LED activity on both of these camera’s??? As indicated in the subject line, I already have the LED disabled via the Advanced Settings of each camera via the WYZE App.

For security camera monitoring purposes, I just don’t want the cameras showing ANY indication of their operational state whether good or bad! If there is some real issue, I should be able to determine it via either the RTSP stream’s content or the lack of an RTSP stream if the camera is non-operational for whatever reason - I don’t want nor need a visual indication of some kind of error state or other issue…

Thanks, in advance, for any guidance you all can provide -or- if WYZE engineering is reading this, a capability in the firmware to disable all visual indicators…

Just refreshing reference to this posting hoping someone sees this and has a solution!!!


Did you disable the camera status light or the night time LED? Also, is there a sense hub in the camera? That too has a blue LED. Have you also tried giving access to the internet for one of the problem cameras to see if it is an issue with the inability to contact the Wyze servers?