Pan scan limits

Allow users to set a range for pan scan. Where I have mine mounted it sees a wall which throws off the night vision.

This is implemented as follows… tap the gear icon, then Advanced Settings > Motor Controls > Pan Scan Settings. Here you can set up to four waypoint for pan scan. The camera will cycle among these waypoints every 10 seconds.

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I did not know that! I found it hard to believe that didn’t exist. Thanks!

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Can you add left/right pan limits for use with the DPad? If you have a camera mounted such that certain positions face a wall, I would like to limit the user’s ability to pan the camera in that direction. If a user accidentally pans the camera toward the wall, it won’t record any activity. Maybe add a configuration screen where the user can pan left/right/up/down with “Set Limit” buttons at all 4 positions around the DPad, and a “Clear Limits” button to reset everything back to defaults.