Pan Cam Stopped Working

So my original Pan Cam stopped working or more so it disconnected from the Wifi and now the light is solid amber. It won’t reset nor will it let me factory reset. So Wyze was kind enough to send me a new one and now this one has done the same thing but it is able to reset and factory reset but it won’t connect to my Wifi networks…

Any Ideas???

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This sounds like an issue I had with my Wyze bulbs about a year ago. I ended up having to contact my ISP (internet service provider) because my modem started going bad.


So a cam or a bulb goes flakey and it’s because of a faulty modem/ router? Yes, in a very extreme scenario that can be, but EVERY DEVICE on the network will have a connectivity issue …

You have multiple Wifi networks? That’s a potential issue, especially if there is channel bleed or if you configured the cam for one SSID and now the cam only “sees” the other SSID.

If you only have ONE network, did you successfully configure the cam, then move it elsewhere??

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So I flashed the firmware on the new one they sent me and I changed the 2,4 Network name and got it to connect but my other one will not connect.

Good point!
It’s still worth a a shot if nothing else works.