Pan Cam Not Tracking

We just received our 4th Pan Cam last week which we installed at our vacation home. We are having troubles with it and I figured it has to be a setting or something I am missing. Our other 3 pan cams we do not have motion tracking enabled so they do not turn. This one we mounted to have it follow motion. Not only is it not moving at all, it does not record any motions. It does record sound events. We have no custom waypoints set or detection zone as we want the full screen and full sweep. The sensitivity setting is maxed out too. Any ideas before we send it back?

Android Beta V2.3.15

I got the same problem.

I am happy to say I reverted my firmware to .40 and it is now working fine. It is definitely a FW issue with .50.

I have 2 pan cam, one of them is working fine and the one I have the problem it’s new pan cam I just installed

Have you tried reverting your firmware on the new one?

I’ve one active Pan cam bought in early March. Motion tracking works fine with 2.3.16.

This is how the issue was resolved on our pan cams. Hope this works for you!

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I’ll try. Thanks