Pan Cam Instant Panorama


A function within the Wyze API that triggers an instant panorama creation using the PTZ cameras.

Use case:

When opening the Wyze app and browsing to any PTZ camera, you are given the option to take a panorama photo. Once triggered the camera would take a photo of its surroundings and stitch it into one high quality panorama. Once complete the user is notified and presented with a fully stitched panorama image of the Wyzecam PTZ viewpoint.


  • Expose an IFTTT function for generating panoramas. For example: If motion is detected wait X seconds and trigger a panorama.
  • Add panorama to the options of patrolling. Take a panorama every X minutes.
  • Time laps panorama animations. Take a panorama every minute for 24 hours (user configurable and limited by the speed in which the camera can cycle through the PTZ sequence for a panorama). Upon completion the user is presented with a panoramic time lapse movie.

360 photographs with the wyze pan cams

I would like to be able to take a 360 photo, like you would see in Google Streetview, or Photosphere, or an online home for sale. An image that you can pan around and view 360. I would be using this as construction site documentation.

I understand your target audience is home security, but if you were able to take 360 photos you could also market to site documentation, realtors, etc. There’s a whole market out there of 360 cameras, and Wyze already has all the hardware to achieve this, you just need to add the software to stitch photos together.