Pan Cam + Bulb automation not working

Im trying to creat an automation in which, whenever my PAN CAM detects motion, it triggers a Wyze Bulb to turn on, only if it happens between 6 pm and 6 am,

The automation is not working, walked in front of the camera and it does not turns on the bulb,

Also, is there an option to run this automation with a timer on it?


I created a device trigger that seems to do what you wanted. However there are some limits. Camera motion detection is tied to the Event rules. So after motion is detected It will not trigger another event for 5 minutes.

Of course with this rule as it is the first event to be detected in the target hours will turn the bulb on. If you don’t manually turn the bulb off it will leave the light on.

You could create a second rule that turns the light off after 10 minutes.

Turn off after 10 minutes


The motion detection from the cameras also won’t be immediate, right? It’ll turn on when the notification gets sent, which is about 12-15 seconds after the motion starts.

The motion detector from the Wyze Sense Kit is more immediate and probably more appropriate for this application.


Correct, the notification and the command to trigger the bulb will get sent after the video is uploaded so 12 seconds at best.


I have a similar issue, with a rule to turn on a bulb group if camera detects motion. I’ve never been able to get it to work. The group turns on via a motion sensor just fine.

After reading your comments about motion triggers are tied to notification being sent, I checked my camera settings, and I have notifications set only for Person detection, not motion.

So I assume this would explain why the camera does not trigger the bulb group? Because the trigger comes from sending the notification about motion detection, not the detection itself? Seems like an easy fix for them, and a silly limitation.

I don’t think your notification settings make a difference. Regardless of your notifications, the event video doesn’t get uploaded until that time, and that’s when the “motion event” will register. I guess it’s not entirely accurate to say that it’s tied to the notifications – it’s just that it gets triggered at the same time. If you turn event recording off, NO motion events will register.

If event recording is turned on, the camera should be able to trigger a bulb group. It would just be really delayed.