Pairing contact sensor to outdoor camera

Can you pair a contact sensor with the outdoor camera. When I try adding a contact sensor it only brings up my indoor camera which is at a different house. I want to connect the contact sensor with outdoor camera which are both at a different house.

You have to have another bridge.

The bridge is connected to the back of a camera. That’s why that camera comes up when you’re adding a contact sensor, it’s denoting which camera the bridge is on.

So, to have contact sensors in two different geographic locations, you need a starter kit for each geographic location.

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Thank you, You can not create a bridge with the outdoor camera?

The bridge only works with a v2 or pan, and a sensor needs a bridge to work. Bridges do not connect to WCOs.


But if by “outdoor camera” you really just mean a V2 or Pan Cam you’ve placed outside then yes you can add another bridge to it…