Outdoor Cam BS loses Private network when Powered Down

I can set up Outdoor Cam system with local WiFi connected to Base Station, and pair to 3 Outdoor Cams; then switch to Travel Mode and connect to 3 Outdoor Cams.
Disconnect the local Wifi (after all it isn’t being used when the system is in Travel Mode)
Power down BS and Cams (hoping to use this system on vacation next week without local WiFi network)
Power everything back us - BS does not re-establish it’s own WiFi network (that was working before Powering Down)… so it is impossible to re-connect the Outdoor Cameras
How can I set up the system for Travel Mode, power down for several days of travel, and re-establish the network in an remote area?
What am I missing?

BS on power up (after a Power Down) establishes a new WiFi that shows up as Virus_Found_2GEXT. Can not get Outdoor Cam to connect to BS with this ID.

That’s a pretty clever idea. Congratulations for thinking it through to the degree that it almost works.

Have you considered turning your cell phone into a hotspot using your home’s SSID and password, just long enough to get the BS and camera back up then removing the hotspot?

Sam - the product is designed to work ‘off the grid’ … in the boonies where no WiFi exists.
So I must be missing some set up procedure … As advertised you can take it on vacation and turn it on and see your cameras using a WiFi ID generated by the Base Station in "Travel Mode’.
I can get it set up and working, starting from baseline connected to home WiFi, then switch to Travel Mode, it takes 10 minutes or so for each Outdoor Cam to sync up…
My problem is Powering Down (to go to the Boonies - 2 day drive), and Powering up again they revert to ‘at home network mode’ … waiting for an IP to be assigned, rather than the BS creating an IP address for the Outdoor cams to connect to…
Hoping someone will tell me the secrets

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Please share when you get it figured out. Sounds like a neat setup to have in the o’bag of tricks.