Outdoor Base won't connect to WiFi if 5GHz network exists

Hi Tanderson,

I feel your frustration. Wyze products are a pain in the a$$ and seem to think that Security and customer needs are second to meaningless features.

From an IT security standpoint… it’s recommended that you create a separate network for IoT devices. I’ve never used Unifi, but I suspect you can setup multiple “Guest Networks”. For example, on my Tri-band ASUS, I too use a single SSID for the main network. It uses the 2nd 5GHz band as the backhaul (connections between nodes).

For each band, I can setup a guest network. I name them using my main network and append the following for easy identification:

  • “NAME-IoT24” for inferior IoT devices like Wyze (2.4GHz)
  • “NAME-IoT51” for non-inferior IoT devices (5.1GHz 1st band)
  • “NAME-G51” Main Guest network for family and friends (5.1GHz 1st band)
  • “NAME-PRNT” for my legacy HP printer that can only use WPA1. It’s the only device on that network and uses MAC Filtering to only allow that one device.
  • I’ve even setup a onetime network for service personnel. You can even set a duration that the network is available. When done, just disable it.

Now back to Wyze:

There’s literally NO reason for IoT devices of TODAY not being 5GHz compatible. 5GHz was introduced in 2014.

I’ve seen posts where people defend this limitation as an “industry standard”, and that statement is synonymous with “just because”. The definition of “industry standard” means too many companies are providing inferior products today… so, therefore we should just accept these inferior product as “leading edge technologies” even though they are deliberately neutered products… so they can later brag about New Features for their products… even though NEW FEATURES have been available by other companies for years.

On the comments I’ve seen about looking to the router as the issue… that’s another flawed approach. If companies like Wyze want their products to connect to a home router… then it’s their responsibility to ensure compatibility. Not the other way around… even though routers are already backwards compatible. Most, if not all routers of today support technologies going back two DECADES.

There is literally no excuse for Wyze having so many security flaws and poor customer service and selling inferior products that can’t even meet the demands of TODAY’s consumers.

One example is password changes. You need to fully reinstall all Wyze products if you change your network SSID and/or password!? This is a security flaw and completely unacceptable. People need to change their security settings for a variety of reasons. Compromised passwords are one of them.

I have a Schlage deadbolt that I can change the network credentials within the app connected directly via Bluetooth. It took me less than a minute.

People who own a Nest thermostat can change their network credentials right on the thermostat itself… for several years now.

Long story short… Wyze sells inferior products that lack security and features consumer’s demand.