Original Scaled pairing Failed

Since a couple of weeks ago I was having issues syncing my Scale, specifically the error has been:
“Pairing Failed. Please try again. If this issue persists, please try a different network.”

I did a couple of things to try to fix this:
Turn off my WiFi and connect directly to my carrier.
Connect to a different WiFi Network.
Turn off and the turn on the bluetooth…
Restarted the phone.
Delete the App cache.
Delete the device and add it again.
Delete the device, delete the cache and the data from the app, restart the phone, login back, add the device back and again same result.
Removed the batteries and used the scale without the batteries, waited like a minute or so and then installed the batteries.

Nothing of these help me out.

A week or so later I tried the following:

  1. Deleted the latest synced weight. It didn’t work but
  2. After this I deleted the device BUT when I added it again I did NOT select the athlete option [which was enabled previously] and this time it worked.

Hope it helps someone.