Option to set Wyze base station SSID to hidden network

I have a different take… Let me turn off the network all together. I don’t need another SSID out there polluting the already crowded RF space.
Why is it broadcasting an open station anyway? Does anyone know?

That’s what I meant above when I said, “Best solution would be to allow users to hide/unhide and to rename, with Hidden as the default.” In other words, give us the option to stop broadcasting the base station’s SSID, with a default of no broadcasting. I really would like to turn this OFF!

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Please. It shouldn’t be broadcasting once the base is set up.


Echoing same sentiment, for security purposes looking to hide base stations’ SSID.

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HUGE security issue that could easily been avoided.
Only after one of my neighbors told me they could see my wyze in available networks, did I find this forum.
I immediately disconnected it and returned the outdoor cam.
I have two other wyze cams in my home that I am giving away.
I am also canceling my order on the V3.
I don’t like surprises when it comes to security. I am not waiting for them to do a firmware update to fix this issue. I will never purchase another Wyze product


I won’t use the two outdoor Wyze cam base stations because of this issue. Another family member won’t use their too. They are just sitting in the boxes. Can we return them? We preordered them.

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I’m not sure if the company will take them back. I returned mine to Home Depot.

Hard to believe this is only a maybe later item in the Wishlist. My $.02 …

Did you buy them from Home Depot or online from Wyze? If I can take my online purchase from Wyze to Home Depot for a refund that would be ideal.

Happy to say that this is in development and will be going to testing in the fairly near future. :slight_smile:


Thanks @WyzeGwendolyn :wink:

Good to hear. Thank you

I’m more interested in being able to change the channel.

I just got my outdoor cam and was surprised that there is no option to hide the SSID after the setup. Definitely need to get this a standard and will deter drive by sniffer.

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Jeez, this is must. Love the ability to use with Alexa but at what cost? I added the outdoor camera and the base station for added flexibility and at a great cost savings but I may have to rethink this. I have several Wyze products including several cameras and a scale but if someone could access my NOW exposed network it’s not worth it. Come on let’s fix this ASAP!

This has been addressed in a 12/3 Beta firmware release. Check out the following thread

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Thanks milehiguy unfortunately I have not received the update. I have Base Station firmware: 4.16.0. 190. I’ve gone into the Release Notes & Firmware and the the firmware update that I have is the latest. Android App and Base Station last firmware update Dec 2, 2020. Hmm

In order to install and use the beta version of the app or firmware, you must first join the Beta program. If you’re interested in doing so, check out this link … or you can just wait until the official versions with these changes are released, like I’ll probably do.

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Milehiguy thanks. I think I will give it a try!

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Too late for me. Outdoor cam base painted a big ol target on me. Been the target of a very aggressive deauth attack for past 4 days. Even bootstrapped my router. Took everything down. Anyone in the market for a crap load of used wyze garbage? Seriously done with this. It was very unwyze to invest in the wyze junk. Many many other issues with the wyze line but, I’m not going to bother.