Option to permanently dismiss time sync reminder

A new feature request to be able to say “No” to the sync time with phone feature.

This would avoid inadvertently tapping sync by mistake when you’re in a different time zone to the camera.

The other wishlist topic about updating time from a time server is completely different from what I’m asking.
It must be quick and easy to change ask in 7 days to “No” or “Don’t ask me again”. That’s all that it needs since the camera keeps perfect time when it’s left to do so and there’s a manual option to sync time In the settings if it’s ever needed after you click No.

Brilliant, just what’s needed, hopefully it gets upvoted.


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Could we incorporate a setting to stop the app from trying to sync time with my cameras. Delaying message for 7 days is not sufficient. I am in New York time zone and I access cameras in Phoenix. I want cameras to say on MST.