ONVIF Protocol

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Need onvif so that network video recorder can control wyze ptz.

I like the wyze pan cam but need ptz support on third party apps.

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Since this post wyze sent a new sense kit and the bridge works (as expected) which makes this an extremely good value proposition! Cheers to Wyze for responding

I would love to see this support come as well!

Add me to the list

It’s happened to me so many times in my career I can’t even count.

The company wants something new in the software. I tell them that there is an existing standard that we should comply with, so people can use it for other things.

They tell me “we don’t want to conform to the standard, we want to create a new standard that everyone else should conform to.”


Please add support to ONVIF so I can use these cameras with Domotz Pro.

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add me to the list , i relly need onvif

This and RTSP and simply must haves. Having ONVIF would enable me to integrate this with my QNAP NAS apps with ease.

Please implement this asap.


Please add Full Blue Iris compatibility …

At a minimum , Please add ONVIF Compatibility to your devices … Doing so , I am sure you will sell a few more units for those of us who use Blue Iris and other NVR systems !

Thank you !

Absolutely focus more on ONVIF instead of proprietary interface. So using the excuse that you can’t support it fully, only intermittently because of workload/staff. ONVIF is industry standard and is a feature rich list of SOA contracts using WSDL or REST. Also, ONVIF is primetime for PTZ cameras which is what your PanCam is, although I don’t know why you avoid using PTZ in all of your documentation. Don’t be like the Apple of old and often still. Our way out the highway, we defy industry standards because we know best.

I have the new PanCam ONVIF is industry standard as well as RTSP (although HTTPS has it’s merits) especially for PTZ cams. and you claim you don’t have the resources to support ONVIF and the IPC protocol that Blue Iris has already accommodated for comparability reign, but for only one of your cameras. By supporting what appears to be a proprietary protocol that my high end router can connect to but can’t query for a device name you are acting like Apple of old- and still does to some extent. Our way or the highway, look how well that went for them for decades in computer and peripheral sales. Please provide full support for the ONVIF services. It is a standard SOA WSDL/SOAP set of service contracts. REST is for blob data, not fine grained service calls.

There;s no reason for me to recommend the nice little PanCam to friends if they cannot tie it into their existing system. For instance, I use Blue Iris 5 and have Camius 4k 8mgp cameras with spotlights and two way audio. Nice, expensive cams, but I want a simple PTZ for doorway - friends want in house to watch dogs and teens - and we al use Blue Iris or iSpy. You already have a (beta?) RTSP piece of firmware. ONVIF PTZ services are simple SOAP services and I can understand there is not as much demand for ONVIF with stationary cams, but if you are giong to sell a PTZ cam without ONVIF you have locked out a lot of consumers who don’t want a separate app just for your camera. Blue Iris even allows you to use external scripts in the PTZ tab. Even an external app that implemented PTZ calls would work and not impact base code for all cams.


Let’s keep this alive.

+1 to ONVIF support!

Hello. Just received my first Wyze Pan Cam today. I bought one because a friend recommended. Seeing “RTSP SUPPORTED” was just great considering I needed to implement it with my existing system. After reading that RTSP limits the features and that ONVIF is non-existant, sadly, I’ll be returning my cam. Nice hardware though. In fact, I liked the hardware so much that I would have purchased a whole fleet to replace my existing cams. But, nope, had to make sure that cloud service rakes in all that $$$! Oh well, onto the next manufacturer!

Tried the Foscam X1 myself. Although they are bigger, they provide RTSP as well as ONVIF. Working fine with my Dahua NVR.

Thanks for the recommendation. I have a few Foscams and they’re okay, but lack a few things in their own way. In fact the biggest reason I’m trying to replace those in particular is because they have known vulnerabilities in the firmware. Really just having a hard time finding something where access/recordings aren’t accessible to either a greedy data mining Corp or a noob script kiddie. …Oh and have basic security, features, and reliability.

Why is it so hard to find a competent cam manufacturer? Probably just going to end up puking up the cash and going with Axis or some pro cams of the like.

I’m on the same boat :sweat_smile:

Another one I’m currently using is the Amcrest IPM-HX1. There is (was?) another version, the IP3M-HX2, but I wasn’t able to find them online. Probably it was discontinued…

Try the Leftek cams. I have 4 of their PTZ ONVIF cameras and they work perfectly on HikVision, Dahua and Q-See