One Click Erase all images

It would be wonderful if there were an erase all function images folder and events photo and video. Basically all images with one click Cam Pan, of course with the option to save the ones you want stored. I could spend upwards of 2 hours deleting images of all 5 cameras. . My own surveillance is going to get me arrested one day, They can use the images to arrest you.


You can delete all event clips stored on the cloud from the Events Tab with one tap. Pencil icon top right, Select All, Delete.

BTW, Wyze does not share monitoring data with anyone. Support Article Link

We will not share any of your monitoring data with law enforcement or any third parties. You may choose to manually share monitoring events and/or footage by exporting from the Monitoring Events page, but we will never do it on your behalf.

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Well that seems disingenuous, doesn’t it? Of COURSE they will readily turn over all your videos when presented with a court order. How could they not? (They must be doing this several times a week already.)

It’s very strange that that article doesn’t even hint at that reality and rather blatantly states the opposite…

Of course they mean to distinguish themselves from the shady likes of Ring, but lying by exaggeration isn’t the way to do it.