ONE button to click

hello it would be great to just click on one button to turn on and off all your cams at the same time instead of turning them off one by one. and it would be great when these new outdoor cams come that they have great night vision that is crucial

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This feature already exists. It’s called “Shortcuts”. See the section of the same name here:


never knew thanks but I might need some help setting up ?

Okay. Since you ended that with a “?”, I’m going to assume you haven’t given it a try yet. I think the instructions I linked above are pretty clear. Give it a try and if you get stuck, some back with questions.


hello I cant seem to figure this out sorry

Sorry, but if those instructions don’t get you there, I don’t think any more text from me is going to help. I think you need help from someone who can see your screen, so perhaps find a more computer/phone savvy person to help you out.