On Web Live view and Events are of Someone else Camera Feed no mine I don't know these people!

On Web Live views and Events are of Someone else Camera Feed not mine I don’t know these people!!!

As I said in another similar post, this event needs to be reported as a “security issue” to Wyze.

It looks like a “session” bug from the web backend. It is pretty serious.

I am sorry this is happening. Please email security@wyze.com with what you are experiencing so they can look into it.


Yes, Thank you I am on the phone with them now.
I have to turn all my cameras off because they now can see mine!!!

From Wyze:

view.wyze.com is currently under maintenance. We are working on this and will update when it’s available again. We apologize for the inconvenience. Could you please contact our Security Team directly so we can continue that investigation?