Old V2 lens from 2018 vs. newer lens... old = better?

Hi all, I have 1x V2 from 2018 and 2x from 2019. Just noticed today that they are actually different.

The 2018 model has a wider angle, cooler color, and seems sharper. The 2019 models are both the opposite. While angle width and color tone are subjective, the fuzzier picture is a downgrade.

What was the change? I can’t imagine I got 2x bad cameras from 2019, so it is more likely that the lens quality got worse?

Has anyone noticed this? Will there be an improved 2020 model of V2?

Welcome back, @ctny. Wyze was forced to change the f23 sensor to a f23a in late 2019 due to the manufacturer no longer making the sensor in the original V2. That may be what you are seeing.


For others who are seeing this thread, I am posting pre-2019 and post-2019 V2 test shots below. Pre-2019 has a wider field of view, low light color is greenish but brighter, but they cannot be purchased anymore…