OG case cracked

Has anyone noticed a fragile case cracking on wyzecam OG?

I ordered mine through the wyze store on Amazon.
When it arrived I don’t have any sound and after speaking with support the issued me a credit.
Having the defective camera and moving the mount around. I noticed the next day stress cracks appeared .

One crack wrapped all the way around the side. I don’t know why the cracks took a day to appear. Amazon shifted in a padded envelope. The box inside the envelope seemed fine and not crushed so I don’t know that this could have been caused by shipping.

It would seem to me something else was going on and that’s probably why I didn’t have sound on the camera.

I would use the store credit to try another OG but didn’t know if this is a common issue. Seeing that the stress cracks radiate from the metal insert, it makes me wonder if they were inserted to hard or if the case plastic isn’t strong for temperature changes?
Like I said, I was taking care of but was just curious because I don’t want to have another case crack down the road if this is a known issue.

Maybe stress fractures from using the incorrect sized adapter?


No, I don’t think so. All I was doing was using a stainless steel screw and washer to adapt the old V3 base. I had a little loctite so that I could set the tension to be just enough. But it wasn’t tight because it has to still swivel. It’s just odd how so many cracks appeared overnight.

My V3 was full of water due to the inadequate SD card flap. Most likely because I mount this underneath a gutter so the image has to be flipped. Water got in and fogged everything up. So I purchased the OG to try it. But when I didn’t have any sound I never installed it. But figured I would play around with how the mount could be adapted because the OG mount is only pivoting in one direction and is longer than I need. I use the metric screw size that was suggested on these forums and it fits a little loose so I know it’s not the tension from the screw. Anyway, this was just something I was going to play around with since his defective. So I guess it’s no big deal except for I was disappointed that they wouldn’t replace the camera at the price I paid. They would just give me the store credit. They could have had this camera back.
Obviously the case is not very strong for so many stress cracks to appear. At some point there was too much put on that insert but it definitely wasn’t from me. And seeing that the sound didn’t work right out of the box either, I do wonder about quality of the OG line. That’s why I posted just to see if anybody else noticed anything like this because I hesitate by buying an OG again.

That’s definitely not normal. I have had 2 OGs mounted outside since they were released and haven’t had any cracking issues. It definitely appears that they originated at the mounting screw.

If you purchased it on Amazon why not just return it to amazon? Or you can use the free return process through Wyze.