Offline when leaving town

Why is it, that every time I leave town my camera goes off line?

It misses you?


Seriously we’d probably need a bit more data. What phone / app, what cameras, do other devices work, can you replicate the problem by just turning off your phone’s WiFi…

Currently I am 2300 miles away from home. I have a iPhone XS . Nothing works. It just says “off line” please check your internet connection. I have two other Ring cameras, Both working fine. It shows error code 90, On my Wyze app. I also have the SD card in the camera.

Unfortunately it is a bit difficult to troubleshoot when you are not in closer proximity… Did you try rebooting the camera? And also try dropping it to 360 rather than SD/HD…

Also, have you tried adding a smart plug to the outlet so that you can perform cycle powering of the outlet/device?

One person reported better results with a new power adapter. Others say it’s a WiFi signal issue. I can’t imagine why it would get worse only when you leave town though.

My point exactly…for some reason, it happens when I leave town.
Restart device=Failed
Turn off=Failed
Cannot find availability to 360. Just SD or HD on v2?

As you are in the Wyze app and have selected a particular camera, in the upper left hand corner, in a small rectangular box, you can tap on that. You should e able to see a pop up box appear at the bottom of the screen offering three options… well four if you include “Cancel”. BUt there should be the options “360P”, “SD”, “HD”.

Do you have a WIFI Smart plug/outlet controller (not necessarily Wyze branded) for the power outlet where your V2 camera is connected? If so, and you cannot control it (turn on/off) via the controller’s app, then you may be experiencing wifi interference within your wifi setup… (It is surprising how many devices/gadgets around you may use utilize wifi… You can search for a Wifi scanning app that can help identify any wifi congestion that you may be experiencing.)

360P is not an option for me. Following your directions and clicking on the little box, does nothing. I stays on SD.
I found that if I go full screen and click on the box in the upper right, I get the options of HD or SD only. It’s on SD and won’t change. Says “operation failed”.
I do not have a wifi smart plug attached on this V2.
I do appreciate your help though, thanks!

If 360p is not an option its more likely thats a V1 camera. The firmware version will tell.

Also are the cameras actually offline or does it just say offline but when you tap it the live video loads? The latter happens often on my ipad when switching from one wifi network to another. Only way I’ve found to fix it is to uninstall/reinstall wyze app.

1 Like is the firmware and yes, everything shows “offline”. Thanks though.

Try to replace your power supply. I replaced mine with my cell charger and its 5days now still working. :joy: save some bucks to buy a power supply from Wyze. Ha Ha.

So i have attached a wyze plug to the outlet powering my doorbell and i have it connected to my neighbor’s wifi so at all times, at least one of the networks can power cycle the camera