Offline. Error code 90

I have two Wyze v3 cams. One works flawlessly. The other one consistently goes offline (error code 90) every day or two, sometimes within a few hours of power cycling it. It works as it should for a day or so and then goes offline again. I would suspect bad internet but why does it affect just one cam? I did mount the faulty one upside down. Could that be the problem? Could the cam actually be defective? Thank you.

Did you try it right side up? What doe the signal look like in the app under device info, 3 bars?. Just curious why upside down, you can rotate the view in the app 180* or is it just a mounting location.

Thank you for responding. I have three bars. When it’s online, the picture is good. My nephew mounted it upside down to get the best view of the area I needed to see (I’m guessing) and I suppose rotated the picture. I have not remounted it right side up but that seems to be the thing to try next. We just didn’t think being upside down would cause this ongoing problem.

I guess you can mount upside down, that is why you can rotate the picture I assume, It is worth a try right side up and see if it keeps going off line. I looked on the forum and it said code 90 is the cam is not connected to the network which you already know, Strange it would keep doing it at different times. Is the power stable and the connection from the power source tight. Some times it is hard to get the USB cable male end inside that little boot cover on the end of the camera cable without breaking anything. Since you have not mounted it again yet I would just plug it in close to wireless router and let it run for a while and see if it goes off line. I am sure someone smarter that me that has had the same problem will be along and give better answers. How far is the cam from the power source?

Here is an old thread, and long read on an issue like yours

The camera is plugged into a longish extension cord, longer than it needs to be. The front camera, which consistently works well, is plugged directly into an outlet.

I will check the cable connection and so find a shorter extension cord. And test it close to the wifi. Thank you!

I noticed that the Wyze adapter is 1amp. I found that if I changed out the adapter to one that was higher capacity such as 2 amp, it works with the longer power cord.

Marlene I have the same problem. I just got my WyzeC2 camera (the mini-cube) and I set it up and it goes offline in a few hours or so. As far as I know my internet was never interrupted. The camera is about 6 feet from the router so I’m pretty sure signal strength is not a problem. There is no way to get it going again from the smartphone app. Grrrrr. I have to actually physically power cycle the camera and then wait about a minute or so until it connects, and then about another minute or so until I can actually get a live image on the Samsung Android smartphone.

We need a fix for this. If I’m out of town I can’t power cycle the camera. This makes it unreliable for monitoring your home or vacation home if you’re not there. Why, if it realizes it’s offline, can’t the camera try to automatically reconnect itself just like it does when you power cycle it?

Antonius, the tip about the cable not fitting securely seems to be helping. I have snugged those up twice now and the camera has functioned for much longer periods. The cable may come loose because I move the receptacle end from time to time. If this is the problem, I will add some duct tape to hold the cable in place. I’m updating my router soon to get a stronger wifi. If the problem continues, then it’s back to the drawing board. I will take the camera close to the wifi as you suggested and see if that helps. Thanks so much for your help.

Mark, what you describe is exactly what I’m experiencing. See my reply to Antonius about the cable connections and perhaps make sure they are tight. Thanks!

If you wish to position yourself to be able to cycle power, buy a couple of wifi smart plugs and put them between the camera adapter and house power. Then remotely you can power the camera off and back on. I’ve recently seen 3-4 ads on Yahoo that point to a sale for Gosund’s plugs with a coupon that brings the price to $4 each delivered. I like using Wyze smart plugs with my cameras because they are right there in the app with the cameras.

Marlene, my usb/power cable is nice and solidly attached. It still can’t go more than a day or so without going offline and then not restarting.

Sam, I’ll look into them. I don’t have much confidence the Wyze plugs would stay online any more than the Wyze camera. Maybe Gosund is better. But wouldn’t it be nice if the cameras could just simply stay online, or if they go offline and have power to automatically reconnect themselves without having another third party smart switch to power cycle the thing? By the way, I got this to replace a Foscam in the same location that had the same problems. Maybe like someone else said I just need to get a more expensive professional version like the $700 multi-camera systems with a DVR attached like they sell at Costco or Microcenter.