Object appears in recording when it was already there

I looked at a video of a car pulling in my driveway. I was able to pull the license plate…perfect! However, when I went to look at the SD card video of continuous recording, I was very disappointed. The person in the vehicle just got out and walked around front adn the event cut out. So i switched to my SD card in the camera and was disappointed. The car just “appears” in the driveway. NO drive up, just POP, there it is. I still wasn’t able to see what the person did in front of my house, but I was able to pull a license plate. Please fix this!!

This is most likely caused ether by the motion detection sensitivity of the camera or the camera going offline. Are you using motion recording? If so, have you tried increasing the sensitivity? Unfortunately, there’s not a way to recover the missing footage if the camera didn’t record.

I do have motion detection and I got a notification of the event. I watched the event and I have one clip of the car pulling into the driveway and then another one of the person getting out of the car and walking around the side and then the event ends.

Next event they are in their car and driving away. So I went to the SD card to see the full feed and it never recorded the car driving up the driveway. All of a sudden, the vehicle appears in the driveway and the guy is standing there…the full time recording was not helpful. :frowning:
I’m using detection zone and 10 for motion sensitivity

Are you using camplus? Or the free 12 second clips for cloud recording? Do you have a detection zone setup?

For local storage, you said you have it set to continuous recording, but the car just appeared, what does the timeline show? Is the full timeline not showing that there is coverage available, or did you not give it a moment to populate fully? If you take the card out and put it into a computer, is there a clip that shows the car arriving? Is there a full sequence of clips available, like 1, 2, 3,4 etc on the card?

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Camplus - YES
Detection zone - YES (just my driveway, but i still pick up head lights throughout the night)

Timeline - not sure what you mean…I watched the event to see the time…then looked at continuous and the vehicle doesn’t drive up…just appears. During the event, the vehicle get’s all pixelated.
Is the full timeline not showing that there is coverage available, or did you got five it a moment to populate fully? Not sure what you’re asking here…

There is an event that shows the car arriving…but continuous recording DOES NOT.

Is there a full sequence of slips available, like 1, 2, 3,4 etc on the card9 Again, not fully sure what you’re looking for here.



Please see the attached files if they come through. Event is the event I saw and Continuous recording is just that (notice the car just appears).

Event.mp4 (1.39 MB)

Continious Recording.MP4 (2.39 MB)

My initial post had autocorrect and speech to text errors, I fixed it but you only got the error full post via email.

I was wondering what your “continuous recording” timeline looks like, if it had holes of coverage or if it was all populated with blue. Like this, but not nearly as bad as this is my event recording to sd card:

If you take the card out of the camera, and put it into a computer, you can look at the coverage files to see if there is a gap. Continuous recording saves video in increments of one minute to the card. That is what I was referring to.

But first off, thanks for posting the video clips, what I believe is happening is that at the top of the minute when the previous minutes continuous file is saved to the card and a new one minute file is started, there is some lag which causes the video to jump. Watch the continuous recording video you posted, keep an eye on the seconds on the time overlay. When the new minute starts, it jumps ahead to about :13 when the car had been parked. Ways to minimize this lag in video at the top of the minute is to do regular camera resets to keep things fresh, and make sure you have a sd card with a fast write speed. I have nightly camera resets via a rule set up to minimize this very issue.

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Talk to text…makes a lot of sense now! :slight_smile: I appreciate the feedback. I did notice that it happened at the top of the minute.

There are no gaps in the continuous recording as you indicated above; just a solid blue line. I’m too lazy to get the SD card out of the camera…need a ladder and just too many other things going on. Fortunately, the person in the video was picking up yard signs my in-laws had put outside. My in-laws just neglected to tell me a stranger was stopping by the house. I was concerned because I saw the same vehicle park in front of my house night before and the occupant just sat there staring at me and my house.

Thanks again for the feedback. I will look into a reset schedule.

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