Notifications stop

My Cam stopped sending notifications, we tried everything, by ourselves and with support. Remove app, replace app, turn notifications off/on, etc. I discovered a second notifications setting in settings/notifications - there is another toggle to turn notifications on or off there.

Did you check your cell phone settings to make sure you are allowing them from the App?

Yes, and checked everything else the tech advised.

Long shot but this is often missed. In the app on the home screen if the bell icon in the upper right has little teeny tiny hard to see :zzz: thru it, no notifications come thru.

Good to know - thank you!!! What I can’t figure out is that I changed nothing, yet, the notifications stopped. Oh well, at least it is good now, I have a friendly feral cat in dire need of antibiotics every 24 hours, this way I know when he is about and can scoot outside.

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